The Sweetest Condition: We Defy Oblivion


It has been a little over a year since I was first introduced to music of The Sweetest Condition. Even now, after hearing “Edge Of The World” several dozen times, I am still taken aback by the shear effulgence of the album and the absolute brilliance of the duo that created it.

I could fill several manuscripts explaining why I think Jason is one of the best musicians I have ever met -his command and skill with instruments is practically orgasmic. I could fill volumes describing in lurid detail why I think Leslie is among the best lyricists alive today; and why she is a phenomenal singer. I could drain a thousand inkwells enlightening the universe as to why every song released by this band sends a million malanky shivers down my spine.

But, I am not here to explain to you why I adore them -and why my opinion is biased. Instead, I am here to let you discover their brilliance for yourselves. To develop a love and a passion of your own for them. To learn to worship them as we at 925Rebellion do: fanatically.

The best way to accomplish this?

Well, it’s quite simple, actually. We shall simply have to review their latest offering to the gods of music and merriment. This is “We Defy Oblivion” – coming out 4 Movember, 2016. (Yes, I said Movember.)

Obviously, the songs on this wondrous, 10 track, album are some of the best songs I have heard this year. (I have said it before, and I will say it again: Reviewing the music from this band is an absolute pleasure).

The tracks on “We Defy Oblivion” sound similar in many ways to their previous works -the taste, sounds and scent of familiar friends- and yet, “We Defy Oblivion” is such a new and interesting album that it almost enters into its own category: There’s a nice slice of Metal running throughout the soul of the album. A decent dollop of Electro-Industrial pumping through its veins. A smattering of Gothic swish and charm added to spice up the mix. It’s a unique combination of genres that is perfectly forged and superbly used.

Certain songs, such as “Keep Turning Me On” and “Knock Us Down” are so brilliantly executed with such skill and enthusiasm that they have the ability to become club classics for years to come. (We’ll make certain of it! -Ed)
While songs like “Deconstructing” and “Vices” are so delicious in their construction that they almost redefine the meaning of Alternative music -a plethora of intense images fill my mind each time I hear them: it’s this glorious ejaculation of creativity that causes a form of poetolatry to overcome me.

Oh, and I am certain that “Nein Nein Nein” will be a dance-floor filler across the South African Alternative scene for many decades.

There is such power, diversity, talent, passion, love and so much more involved in this album that it is almost overwhelming. It’s pure magnificence made audio.


“Lyrically, I took a no-holds-barred approach to the songs on ‘We Defy Oblivion.’ I went deep and pulled from the angry undercurrent of my personal past, wrestled with some demons and then burned them on the pyre. These songs are a self-reclamation. What I once was, I shall never be again. I will not fold. I will stand and fight.”

My biggest -and only!- issue with this album is this: 10 songs is not enough! I need more! Many more! Feed my addiction! Feed it!

Bottom line, We Defy Oblivion is my favourite album of 2016. (No contest!) So IF you love bloody good music, then get this album. Hell, get all their albums. Get them now! NOW!

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