AL1CE: The Thirteenth Hour, a Review by Celic John.

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Today our resident Celtic Nutjob takes a look at The Thirteenth Hour by AL1CE. Lets see how he find it, if we manage to understand him… -Ed

“Ye cannae ken a droop in the mouth. It’s like shaggin’ a golden-retriever: all backwards sky, man.” Truer words have never been spoken. Case in point, last week I was given an album for review. Now I was expecting it to be another lump o’ numptey shite. But instead it’s a right lump of pure dead brilliance.

This is AL1CE.

This is The Thirteenth Hour.

This is fecking awesome!

Now the songs on this album -and there are a right bunch o’ them- are well good. There’s a fine combination of rock, pop and electro tunes that tap off all round, and well good for dancin’.

Now one of the songs that grabs me is ‘Land of Confusion.’ It’s one of my favourite songs of all time, man. Now I was expecting it to be alright at best. But naw, again it’s right dead brilliant. This band is not a gang o’ chancers. They’re not a pack of igits that are off their heads. They are simply well bloody good.

Oh, and the lead singer is a fine bonnie lass.

That’s about it. I like this album and this band. They’re fecking great. Go an listen to ém you bastards!

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