Top 5 Creepy youtube videos


So the spoopy of October has come and gone, and most of us are on the decent to the madness of the festive season. Maybe Thanksgiving if you’re American. As a fan of the creepy I’ve decided to give one last cling to the spookiness before giving in.

So here I present you my top 5 creepy Youtube Videos. Or at least 5 random creepy videos I found to fill out the article.


That Poppy

Poppy is the brainchild of film-maker Titanic Sinclair. Poppy is a cliché pop star on the surface, with a couple of music videos available. Beneath the cheery surface are a number of creepy and odd videos. On their own they are disturbing and strange, but also the pieces of a much larger puzzle. With enough analysing and digging you can piece together the idea. Poppy is a parody of the fakeness of Hollywood, as well as its dark underbelly.


Angel of Catalonia

Since debunked as an amateur horror film, this footage supposedly shows people finding a fallen angel in the woods. Probably one if the more well known and circulated videos on the list, it makes a fun watch. Even knowing its not real I still find it creepy. Kudos to the creators


Found footage

Found footage films are nothing new. Apart from some real classics from the seventies, Blair Witch resurged life into the then fading art form. Youtube is abundant with creepy supposed found footages. Unable to pick a favourite I give you a compilation instead. Why do these always have to have hospitals man ? Those ore creepy enough on a normal basis.


The Channel

The new kid on the block. Originally I was looking at the 11B-X-1371 video. Filled with strange cryptic imagery and creepy audio there are entire subredits already analysing it. Through it I found the similar but different “The Channel.” Consisting of 13 creepy videos posted October this year (2017). All predominantly feature a masked man reading, intertwined with various symbolism, hooded occult imagery, and strange cryptic sounds. Being so new there is not much info to be found about it yet. But that just adds to the mystery.


Elisa Lam

In my opinion the most creepy of today’s assortment. While all the others are likely to be arts projects or amateur films, this is the last footage of Canadian tourist Elisa Lam alive before being found dead in a hotel water tank. Her strange behaviour caught on a hotel security camera adds to the mystery of her death. She can be seen walking strangely into the elevator, before appearing to hide from something. After some time alternating between peeking out and hiding again, she presses all the buttons, some multiple times, and leaves.


And there you have it, five creepy videos from Youtube. Since Creepy Pastas are extremely popolar now days, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Much spooky adventure awaits. Therefore go forth and have at it.

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