Triborn – Interview with Adam Sonnet

Sometimes dreams can come true; and for we lucky few a dream has come true. After decades of waiting Carrie Henn (Newt from Aliens) is finally returning to wonderful world of movies in the fantastic Sci-Fi film, Triborn. To top it off I recently sat down and chatted to the man behind this Sci-Fi feast, Adam Sonnet.

Would you care to introduce yourself and give us a little of your film background?

My name is Adam Sonnet and I’m the writer, a producer, and director for TRIBORN. I first want to thank John Crofts for reaching out to us to cover this story. For those that don’t know me or Sonnet Realm Films (SRF), we are inspired to produce fantasy and science fiction films. We were recently in development for an Alien feature length tribute film called ALIEN IDENTITY. This would have been my first time directing a feature film, and then we would have gone off to produce other feature films. I love the Sci-fi/Fantasy genre and strongly desire to make such films. Having produced for SPACE COMMAND: REDEMPTION and STAR TREK: PHOENIX, and working in the film community over the last 10 years, I’ve had some great opportunities to work closely with some very talented and prominent people in the film industry. Other than short films, TV shows, music videos, and documentaries, TRIBORN will now be the first feature film that I’ll be directing, which I’m very excited for.

Now you recently had to kill your Alien fan-film, and instead have focused your efforts on an original film. -So what can you tell us about TRIBORN?

TRIBORN is a story that needs to be told. It’s a very out of this world kind of Sci-fi with a vast dynamic universe of deeply rooted characters. Individually the characters must trust and cling to hope in the darkest of times when it seems like everything around them is in a state of crisis. This is the lifeblood of the movie. What choices will they make, and are they the best choices given the circumstance? I love movies with heroes that you are compelled to cheer for as they confront their greatest challenge. You really feel for them and want them to succeed. Such is the heart beat of a great film, and such will be of TRIBORN.

I want to make a great film that will inspire and captivate. I’m really thrilled about what we’re doing. We’re on an adventure to do some amazing things in this film that have never been done before, as well as introducing a new creature to the cinema stage designed by our Creature Dept, including but not limited to Neville Page. Make-up effects will be designed by Emmy award winning Special Effects Make-Up Designer, Brian Sipe. Plus we’re going to be bringing on board several other amazing talented people.

-What inspired you to create TRIBORN?

I’ve always wanted to do a Sci-fi thriller in space, which is why I wanted to make ALIEN IDENTITY. So with that same inspiration and creative momentum, we’re producing TRIBORN. There’s a lot of amazing conceptual art I’ve been looking at, which has inspired the vision. I’ve just been immersing myself in a lot of epic other worldly extraterrestrial concepts, and TRIBORN is what’s been conceived.

12166365_10206126837742657_1715489870_n-Have you approached the Sci-Fi franchise differently as compared to other film makers? If so, how?

Yes, there are some new things we’re going to be doing that have never been done before in a Sci-Fi film. However, like many sci-fi franchises that we look up to, we are attempting to build a captivating storyline with strong believable characters in a very immersive and stunning universe. This film will be more than just a spectacle; it will have meat to sink your teeth into once it’s fully matured.

-What shall make TRIBORN unique?

Well for one TRIBORN will be totally independent, which gives us a lot of creative freedom. Everything from the soundtrack to the visual effects, our goal is to make this film very unique and memorable. We’re going to be doing some new things that have never truly been utilized in film before, and revolutionizing how certain effects are applied. A lot of amazing things are being done behind the scenes to make TRIBORN something very special. Plus this will be Carrie Henn’s first film in 30 years, which is still a very cool story.

We’re also going to be introducing some new scientific discussions to the table based on new real discoveries, which will make this film all the more unique. The science in TRIBORN plays a valuable part in this film just as much as the story.

-Have you taken anything from your Alien film and thrown it at TRIBORN?

Yes, some of our actors and crew that would have been in ALIEN IDENTITY will now be in TRIBORN, as well as certain themes we were developing.

-How has the TRIBORN script evolved since the scrapping of Alien: Identity.

TRIBORN is a very a standalone story that has taken on a life form of its own. Creating an original storyline and plot is always a challenge, but if done right, can pull the audience through with the characters. The actors we’re bringing on board will make the characters of this universe come to life.

Shall TRIBORN make use of only CGI or are you going for a mixed bag of tricks?

I like having the option of being able to utilize many kinds of effects and not relying on any one type. For the most part, we’re doing as much practical effects as possible. My goal is to make real sets and cast real light on real objects. The key word is real, and the human eye knows the difference. Granted, we will utilize CGI where it’s needed so there’s a tasteful balance. The goal is to make everything as realistic and flawless as possible so the audience can be fully immersed and not notice anything out of place. Our Production Design team is taking careful efforts to ensure that what we see visually compliments the whole film like a stitch in a piece of woven tapestry.


Any famous faces involved in TRIBORN?

Yes, Carrie Henn, Ricco Ross, Patrick Kilpatrick, and Neville Page are confirmed to be involved. I’m truly grateful for their contribution to this film, and their loyalty to stay with the production team. We’ll be announcing other names throughout the coming months as we continue development..

Any surprises for the audience?

Yes there will be surprises. =)

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced?

Well the biggest challenge so far is convincing everyone how awesome this creative venture is. Some people we’re excited exclusively for an Alien tribute, and are disappointed we’re no longer doing that venture, but now we must be diligent with this new film to make it better than what we had envisioned with the fan film. The challenge will be to get people to support something new and original. Most people are comfortable with an existing franchise that already has a huge fan base. Not many are willing to jump on board something they have no idea or conception of, so it’s our job to show them our vision to hopefully gain their audience. I do want to ensure to readers and viewers that what we’re doing though is truly awesome and I hope everyone will give us a chance to present a science fiction film.

Future Plans for TRIBORN? (TV series, Video Game?)

Yes, we’ve discussed these things, as well as a comic book series. I have been putting down ideas for a video game and a board game. Once the movie is finished I’m sure we’ll be able to explore these possibilities and take the adventure further through other mediums of entertainment.

Any last words?

We’re very excited for TRIBORN and want the fans who love the Sci-fi genre to know we got something very special in the works that I believe they will appreciate as an original work. We would like to invite everyone to join us on this adventure. To those that would like to help support or share the project they can go to HERE!. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Thank you and Dont Give Up Hope!


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