Trogdor the burnanator!


Today I have become a man. A dragon man. A man like TROGDOR!!!!

Well, bugger me with a fried black pudding. (Again? -Ed) It’s been 15 years! FIFTEEN! Since Trogdor was unleashed upon the peasants! For those not in the know when it comes to burninating the peasants go and read about it all HERE!

Once you’ve done that then watch these great videos. (Lazy today are we? -Ed) (Aye. It’s Friday afternoon. I need a piss and a pint. And you’re a dafty numpty git!)

So that was the original song(itself spawned from a “Strong Bad Email” episode of Homestar Runner – Ed). It was well good. Next comes the operatic version. It’s not bad at all.

Now why am I that interested in our burnanation obsessed friend? Well, it’s because he’s well bloody dead right brilliant Barry. And they’re making…. a BOARD GAME!!!!

That’s it, mates. I am done. I’ve to go home and get me grub on. Well that, and get stroking to all things TROGDOR!!! Also, TIME FOR A PINT!!!

Know Your Meme

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