URN: Epiphany


There’s something of a riot about this album -it’s all beer drinking, pub stomping and bar bleeding. It scream every stereotype that Rockers have to offer. It is pure anarchistic indulgence.  After all, this is Urn with their newest monster, ‘Epiphany‘.

The songs on this, 11 track, album range from classic Rock inspired overtures, to guitar grinding chaos that threatens to sack the neighbourhood. Songs like ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Brisk Snowfall’ are harbingers of classic ’70’s Rock. It’s Danzig meets the 1980’s setting fire to Steel Panther’s trousers and looting Florida. It’s pure Rocking bliss.

Overall ‘Epiphany‘ is a brilliant Rock album that will keep y0u quaffing for weeks to come.

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