Once more ,London is bathed in a thick fog, and is beset by dark forces that seem keen on wiping out numerous human lives.

This is Vampyr.

Dr. Jonathan Reid is a man split between two worlds. On the one hand, he is a man of medicine and compassion. He has spent years helping the sick and healing the injured. On the other hand, he is a vampire who thirsts for mortal blood.

Now unlike other vampire games Vampyr gives you a semi-open world to hunt in. (Not that different, yet. -Ed) But this is where the game takes a drastic turn. Dr. Reid is unable to simply kill and feast at will. Instead he has to learn about his intended meal, study its habits, keep his desires secret and mingle with the natives of London. On top of that he has to deal with other denizens of the night, and their holy hunters.

Not only is this already sounding complicated, but Dr. Reid is able to create new vampires, and his actions can change the nature of the city. I.E. Kill too many people, and you end up with disease outbreaks, hunters running around, and so much more. It all sounds absolutely complex and incredibly entertaining.

Oh, and the good doctor gets to use a vast array of weapons, devices and other technologies.

This bloody adventure is set for release later this year; and will be available on numerous platforms.

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