VTM Bloodlines 2 is Officially Coming 2020

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Disclaimer: This post mentions VTM:Bloodlines, so by law you have to go reinstall it now.

Greeting all faithful followers. Your overlord has returned. Unfortunately things have been somewhat crazy behind the scenes and 925 has been a bit absent for a few months now. But rejoice we have arisen seemingly unexpectedly to the masses. And do you know what else has sprung up by surprise, to much rejoice ? That is right, VTM: Bloodlines 2.

[Spends the next 3 hours running around in circles screaming EEEEEP!!!!]

Ok where was I ? oh yes Bloodlines 2. Those of you old enough to remember 2004 might remember the little gem released by Troika Games. An unfinished buggy mess that was practically unfinishable without either filling is complex debugging codes in the console, or installing fan made patches that did this for you. However the story writing in the game was so solid, that it pulled on the extensive lore of the Role Playing Game it was based on and carved out its own wonderful industrial gothic setting to flesh out the story. And thus you make a cult following.

Many a fan was dismayed to see publisher Activision force the games release before Troika had completed it. Worse still was the subsequent closing down of Troika. Not only would Bloodlines never be officially completed, but Bloodlines 2 was now a pipe dream of “a valve game with a 3 in it” levels.

Paradox Interactive acquisition of White Wolf Studios (the company behind the VTM RPG) gave some of us a glimmer of hope, but all that seemingly came out was plans for a game set in the Werewolf The Apocalypse setting. Now it appears the did pull us a fast one and have actually been working away at the long awaited Bloodlines 2 (possibly since 2015 even).

The first hint of something coming came out a few weeks ago, via a cryptic Youtube video, and an online ARG modeled on Tinder. Then last night the bombshell. Bloodlines 2 is coming 2020.

This time taking place in Seattle. A group of vampires break the Masquerade (Vampiric law) by turning a large group of humans in a public place. Unfortunately all of these new converts are too low a generation and all end up as “”Thin Bloods” (The Vampirism in them is so weak they are still partly human). As one of these Thin Bloods you are brought to trial, but it gets interrupted allowing you to escape.

From here you have a series of open hub worlds representing a modified version of Seattle to explore. Being a Thin Blood you won’t belong to any clan, and thus will probably be a neutral part playing errand boy for multiple of them. Earning enough favour with one will open up the ability to be embraced by them and become a full blooded member, gaining access to their clan powers.

The story was always the strong point of the franchise and Bloodlines 2 aims to keep this up. Brian Mitsoda who was part of the original’s writing team has come on board as the head storyteller. Visually the feel of Bloodlines is there, with many mistaking the Seattle Pier 55 as the Santa Monica pier from the first game. However the first game was 15 years ago and we are a very different world from then. This protagonist will have to deal with things like smartphones while in 2004 we were all still playing snake on our Nokias. The RPG has also continued, and thus the world has itself continued to evolve, but the developers very much intend to keep the feel of the game.

Bloodlines 2 will be coming to PC via Steam, Epic Store, GOG, and Paradox’s own site. It will also be coming to consoles. We have to wait until 2020 so you better get no1 fired up and give it a few more replays so long.

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