Welcome back

Welcome back everyone.

2015 is now behind us. And 2016 has already set itself up to be an interesting year. This is most definitely a year of great… possibility.


We have some unique changes and interesting events coming up this year. (Hope we’ll see you at the events).

  • Supernatural Con, will be coming up in March. This will be the second Supernatural Con ever held. We look forward to seeing all you X-Files, Supernatural, American Horror Story and all the other fans there.
  • Sci-Fi Con 2016 is in the works and will probably be held towards the end of the year. (We’re going bigger this year).
  • Our good friends at The Dark Carnival shall be hosting another Geekfest this year in may. We’ll see you there.

As for our changes.

  • We shall be posting articles on the weekends, and re-sharing them several times over the month. (We’re testing a new idea out).
  • We’ll not be taking on any new writers, but we’re keen to let anyone guest post as often as they wish.
  • Rebellion Boys shall be posting around 3 videos a day from here on in. We have a lot of games, reviews, play throughs and general chaos on the way. (Like and subscribe).


Welcome to 2016, folks.

Welcome to the beginning of the beginning.

Welcome to the Legion of Andy.

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