Werewolf the Apocalypse comes to PC.

Back in October 2015 when White Wolf Studios were acquired by Paradox interactive, we all began wondering if Paradox would start churning out a plethora of branded games in the franchise. Skip to The beginning of 2017, and turns out we were both right and wrong. A new game is coming, but strangely enough it will in fact be developed by Cyanide (Blood Bowl 2, Game of Thrones, Call of C’thulu) and published by Focus Home Entertainment.

Those of you who know me will know I adore White Wolf Studio’s Vampire The Masquerade, possibly beyond what you could call healthy levels. However this time round instead of the MMO Vampire the Masquerade, or Bloodlines 2 we were all expecting (read: hoping for desperately) we will get the first video game to feature their Werewolf the Apocalypse.

Now for those only familiar with the pc games White Wolf did more than just keep vampires cool amidst their awkward emo teenager phase, during the likes of Twilight, and all the “Twilight under a different name clones” that followed. They in fact have a series of pen & paper RPGs set within a shared universe called The World of Darkness, then renamed The Old World of Darkness, when replaced by The New World of Darkness, then came back as The Classic World of Darkness… it’s confusing, it’s a long running tabletop RPG so just go with it.

After Vampire, the Werewolf RPG known as Werewolf the Apocalypse in the Classic universe, is probably the most popular IP in the World of Darknesses. While VTM is very heavily based on storytelling around political machinations, Werewolf focuses more on D&D style combat.

“The world is dying. When will you Rage? The core question of Werewolf: The Apocalypse is more relevant today than ever before and the cooperation with Focus and Cyanide will finally give gamers the opportunity to revel in the raw power and primal spirituality of the Garou. What is the price of saving the world with fang and claw? Find out for yourself as we explore the darkest corners of a dying planet.” – Martin Ericsson, lead storyteller at White Wolf Studios

Not much more is known about the game at this point, but more details should be released after the annual event held by Focus, to discuss their projects for the year, held 1st and 2nd February. Maybe I’ll do a more in depth follow up piece then if I remember. I probably won’t. Please bring me chocolate, I like chocolate.


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