Forget youre E3s and AAA Hype, West of Loathing is 2017’s best Game

West of Loathing Fight Scene

Where were you when the cows came home ? Hopefully adventuring West of Loathing.

Now on the surface West of Loathing appears not much more that a simple browser game. With simple black and white stick figures. But no, you’ve been bamboozled friend ! Beneath the simple surface lies utter brilliance. West of Loathing has been incredibly well written. Humorous, with jokes that contain more layers than an onion farm run by ogres.

A sequel to the free browser game Kingdom of Loathing, West of Loathing sets you up with a cliché Wild West Story. Bored out in the farmlands of Kansas, your character heads out west for adventure. It just so happens that adventure is in a world that uses meat as currency, is inhabited by silly goblins, and is in the midst of an aeons long war between evil clowns and demon cows. Being an RPG game you must decide on one of 3 classes. The Melee warrior The Cow Puncher, who can craft items using Leatherworkery. The Beanslinger who uses bean-magic in the fights and cooks up all  kinds of concoctions. Or the Snake Oiler a ranged weapons master that can brew powerful potions.

Not content with just a good story, the game played quite comfortably itself. The turn based combat is simple and doesn’t drag out too long. The main quests are engaging and, for those who’d like, there are a plethora of towns to explore for side quests and loot. A personal favourite being the ghost town plagued with more bureaucracy than the Vogon inner government. Another is strangely obsessed with bread. Alien artefacts and undead cults await in the wilderness. Also probably the missing jellybeans.

Aiding you in you quest is one of three companions. Each of whom have their own quirks and back story. Not to mention the towns full of strange NPC’s offering even stranger missions. My only criticism of West of Loathing is that I wish it were longer. Though there are plenty of side quests to keep you busy. Not to mention the re-playability of different classes / partners.

West of Loathing is quite cheap, and I highly recommend giving it a look. It is available on Steam for most platforms. Get it here.


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