Wookiee: Beard of the month

At last we have arrived in December. A years worth of cosplayers have com and gone. Some amazing. Some mediocre. But none of them Wookiee… until now!

To start off, please can you just tell us a bit about yourself? (Who are you? Where do you come from? What are you made of?)

Long ago, a wise old sage predicted the coming of a mysterious being -a mighty person born from pure fabulousness, destined to be the saviour of mankind. I am probably not this being.

What inspired you to get into Big and Beardy cosplaying?

Not much really. I’m big and hairy and I like dressing up but don’t have time or money to be fancy about it. So I winged (wung?) it and fabulous happened.

12243611_10153068091051213_254512006_nHow long have you been Wookiee?

Since about September 2006.

Is there any beard that you specifically look up to and/or admire?

All beards are beautiful, and deserve love.

What would you say being Wookiee means to you?

It means adventure and freedom from the choking boxes of mundane…. Also cake

How do you go about deciding which version of Wookiee to cosplay next? Is there a specific process you go through or is it a spontaneous choice involving spoons and chocolate cake?

There is no choice, It just happens, now more about the Spoons and Cake, that seems to be the real important part here.

On average, how long does it take for you to complete a beard?

The beard is always flowing, there is no beginning, no end, just pure uninterrupted fuzzy awesomeness.

What would you say was your most challenging facial hairstyle creation and why?

I don’t create, I just go with the flow.


What’s the key to being big and hairy, yet feminine and full of keys?

Beard + Pigtails = All the Win.

Now you go to conventions in order to help build a fan base for a bearded men in skirts. What would you say is the most difficult part of going to these conventions?

Not having hordes of adoring fans…yet.

12248620_10153068098166213_979164273_nWhich convention in South Africa do you think is the biggest with regards to hairy cosplays?

I love all you conventions equally, you all have your place in our scene. Unless one of you wants to discuss a brand deal, then please give me a call so I can love you the most.

Are there any tips that you have for going to a convention as a large hairy man?

Do your thing, don’t let anyone break your fabulous.

What would you say is the best part of going to a convention in a skirt?

The ventilation 😉

Complete the following: If you don’t like Wookiee, you …..

sad, sad, poor little meaningless person.

Last question, where do you see the South African cosplay community in five years?

Probably at a convention in South Africa, except for the ones that have moved or become boring adults that stopped having fun.

-And beards?

Mmmmmmmmm…….wait, what was the question again ?

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