World Goth Day

Goth is a wonderful music genre and it is a way to express oneself artistically. Often it is misunderstood, there are some that think it is a religion, some weird cult or people with a weird vampire fetish, nope….

Keith van Zyl, vocalist of the band Hexotericka, summed the Gothic music subculture up nicely: ”The subculture is marked by its emphasis on individualism, tolerance for diversity, creativity and a focus on intellectualism.” (see for more).

And what better way to celebrate the diversity, creativity and spirit of the Goth subculture for Goths than having their own World Goth Day or as the World Goth Day site eloquently defines it: “…a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world.”

On May 22, World Goth Day many events take place globally in countries such as Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, the US and UK where many aspects of goth like the music, fashion, art are celebrated with music shows, fashion shows and art exhibitions. I for one even went to a club where there was a fashion show, followed by old movies like the 1922 classic Nosferatu. Movie trailer:

Of course there are other ways to celebrate World Goth Day like holding a picnic at a graveyard with Goth Friends (and no there is no rituals or gravestone mutilation involved of course, just gentlemen and ladies sipping a drink, eating food and listening to some goth songs on a cd) or private goth parties at a friend’s house.

This yearly celebration originated in the UK in 2009 when BBC Radio 6 Goth djs Cruel Britannia and Martin OldGoth started an event and decided that on May 22 this event should be held annually. Of course the whole goth scene loved the idea and it spread to all four corners of the world.

To kindred spirits it is a day to wear black clothes (mostly), put on make-up and accessories, bring out the inner goth and celebrate the uniqueness and the beauty of being themselves.

So if you don’t know these charming lads and lasses and it is May 22 and they pass you by, give them a wave, they won’t bite, well maybe if you ask nicely.

Written by Ookami from AnimeFanatika

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