ZASCHITNIKI “GUARDIANS” – Upcoming Russian Superhero Movie

We have become so accustomed to superhero’s appearing on the big screen (particularly the Marvel variety) that they no longer seem exciting anymore due to the same formula that they use in their movies. Perhaps this is the beginning of the decline in the comic book movie genre…but, let us not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Let us take the example of this promising movie hailing all the way from Russia.

Directed by Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan , “Zaschitniki” or “Guardians” tells the tale of a team of heroes created during the Cold War and imbued with extraordinary powers that allow them to perform incredible feats in the event of an attack by supernatural threats upon Russia. Years pass and a new threat appears which causes the team to gather again. If the trailer is anything to go by then it we could be in for something great. Then again, judging movies by trailers sometimes can backfire.

Anyway, here’s the profile for each member of the team:

The Wildman

Pis 2

Name: Arsus

Abilities: A beserker with incredible strength, he has the ability to transform at will (fully or partially) into a bear.

The Windman

Pic 3

Name: Khan

Abilities: A skilled martial artist, proficient in the use of b bladed weapons. His primary weapons are two scythe-like blades, capable of cutting through flesh with ease.

The Landman

Pic 4

Name: Ler

Abilities: the manipulation of soil, rocks, boulders and stones or even move mountains if he so wished.

The Waterwoman

Pic 5

Name: Xenia

Abilities: agility, moving on or through water with ease. Does not require oxygen to survive and can survive in a vacuum.

The director has said that he has been influenced by the dark and gritty superhero movies especially 2008’s “The Dark knight”. I do hope that it lives up to or even exceeds my expectations.

The movie is due for release in December 2016

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